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Literacy Steps

Structured Literacy Tutoring Consultancy


Literacy Steps

Structured Literacy Tutoring

Structured Literacy is an approach based on Science—the science of how we learn. At Literacy Steps, we provide explicit and direct instruction that is structured, sequential, cumulative, and diagnostic. We use a multimodal approach that uses visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic methods to learn.

Our team are highly experienced registered teachers and specialists in their field. It enables us to empower students with dyslexia or who have neurodiverse learning needs, who may be struggling or to accelerate students.


Jennie has been amazing with my 6 year old. Within a month, his school teacher had noticed a difference in his literacy and he also went up 2 reading levels. Jennie also gives you fantastic advice and simple tools that you can use to support your child at home. Jennie makes learning fun and exciting for children.

Google Review from Parent


At Literacy Steps, we follow a structured literacy approach that is explicit, systematic, and sequential. This research-backed approach focuses on phonology, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. It's particularly beneficial for dyslexia and other reading or writing challenges, providing tailored guidance.

Our personalised tutoring nurtures essential skills and builds confidence for academic and life success.


Trust Literacy Steps for expert literacy support!

Private Lessons


Maximum engagement

Maximum progress

Continuous Assessment


Incorporation of Interests



Small Group Lessons

Small group of 2-3 students

Work independently & collaboratively.

Explicit instruction

Continuous Assessment





Identifying specific areas of need

Prerequisite for tutoring

Dyslexia screening

Early identification

Recommendations & Advice

Contact Me

Jennifer Kellie

BEd (Primary), PGDip (Literacy), M.Ed (Lit), NZLA Member, NZAGC Member

25 Pahi Place, West Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

022 151 1337

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